Camp Colombia

25 January - 8 February 2025

Camp Colombia | 25 januari - 8 februari 2025

Escape to the paragliding paradise the coming winter with your flying guides Fredrik Gustafsson (FG Paragliding) and Bengt Pettersson (PBB Paragliding)!

Take off from grassy launches surrounded by coffee and banana plantations. Flying in milky thermals, climbing high and travel far across tropical landscapes. Land next to papaya trees and sugar cane plantations, to be welcomed by friendly locals on horseback.

We take maximum seven pilots in our two weeks Camp Colombia and it's fully supported with a local driver/retrieve/guide and two Swedish instructors guiding you in the air and trying to help you get the most from out of your paragliding adventure.

Who is Camp Colombia for? - If you are a quite experienced P1 (IPPI4) or P2 (IPPI5) with good take off skills, you have made several hours of XC-flying, having the skills in handling your glider in turbulence and are confident in landing out, these XC-weeks are for you.

Arrival and departure - you arrive at Cali Airport Alfonso on the 25 January where our local driver and guide, Madi, will pick you up and drive you to our accommodation in Santa Elena. 

You arrange your flight tickets at your own cost with arrival 25/1 and departure 8/2, to and from Cali Airport. Lets keep each other informed in order to synchronize our arrival and departure times.

Madi will take you to the the airport on the departure date 8/2 in due time for your flight back home.

Flying and flying sites

Piedechinche - we will spend the first five days flying at Piedechinche. The area is perfect for warming up and step by step extend with longer XC-flights in a safe way. The last day we try to make a +100k XC north towards Roldanillo, having Madi following us with the retrieve bus and carrying our luggage.

Roldanillo - welcome to the flying mecka! Here we will set tasks, trying to crack kilometres every day. We might do some trips north to Ansermanuevo for flying in another part of the valley if the weather allows us. At the end of the camp we go for another +100k south towards to Santa Elena, where we stay the last night before your departure 8 February.


Santa Elena - close to Piedechinche you find the nice Colombian village of Santa Elena, where we stay at the cosy Hostel Joshe, sharing double rooms. Breakfast is not included here, but we have lot of nice breakfast cafe's just around the corner.

Roldanillo - we will stay at Cloudbase, a great accommodation in central Roldanillo, owned by a Swiss paragliding pilot Jonathan and his Colombian family. The accommodation includes breakfast.

If you want single room, please let us know and we will try to arrange that.

Links to terms and more information

Terms and conditions for Camp Colombia 2025

Information for Camp Colombia 2025

Price and local costs

15.000 SEK for guiding, coaching and arrangements. Invoice vill be sent to you in mid december 2024 for payment within 14 days (see link to terms and conditions).

The following costs are not included and shall be paid by you during the camp.

Accommodations - The prices are based on sharing a double room and Hostel Joshe cost you around 80.000 COP (220 SEK) per person and night, Cloudbase is about 130.000 COP (360 SEK) including breakfast. So, your total cost for accommodations will be about 4.100 SEK for 14 nights. You pay cash directly to the hotels during your stay.

Take Off and Jeep costs - is around 40.000 COP (110 SEK) per day that you pay cash directly to the driver and take off staff. If you bomb out and need to go back you will have to pay for the jeep again (20.000 COP). Total cost will end up at about 1.400 SEK for 12 days.

Madi (our driver, retrieve and local guide) - will cost approximately 1.500.000 COP (4.000 SEK) per person for the whole camp, including airport transports, retrieves, bus services, take off support and local guiding. You pay him cash during your stay.

Local SIM card (a requirement) - we will help you find local SIM cards so you can use your mobile for tracking and retrieve. The SIM will cost you around 70.000 COP (185 SEK).

This means that your total cost, according above, will end up at around 24.500 SEK plus meals, drinks and your flight tickets. Our guiding cost of 15.000 SEK is fixed. The costs you pay locally are approximate and might fluctuate due to exchange rates and size of the group.