Information for Camp Colombia 2025

Pilot level

This XC-camp is open to autonomous pilots that have previous thermal experience and have been XC-flying before. You shall have a license allowing you to fly in other countries with an, at least, experienced pilot. Most of the launches we visit are ideal with nice grassy slope. Conditions on launch are usually strong enough for reverse launching, but forward launches are also often required.

Whilst the launches are some of the most accessible and manicured, landings are often more challenging and not always so big. If you have any doubt about whether your flying abilities are sufficient, please get in touch.

The aim of this trip is to develop pilot XC skills by scoring as much quality airtime as possible and enhancing that experience with quality air-to-air guiding, group and individual feedback.

Whether you're after a warm and sunny escape, or looking to break your personal best distance, this is the ideal winter adventure. In Colombia you can expect to fly day after day!

Temperatures and flying conditions

Colombia is hot and humid. Climbing up to base is refreshing and you'll be flying in shorts and T-shirt (maybe a jacket on high base days). Temperatures on landing can be very hot and humid. Winds are generally light and valley breezes are not a problem, except on the Roldanillo side of the valley during late afternoon, where the wind often picks up and become too strong. That's why we plan our task with a goal in the opposite side of the valley. The humid air means that thermals are well behaved, easy to understand and not too strong. It also means that thermals are usually marked by nice fluffy cumuli. Climb. Fly to fluffy white cloud. Repeat.

The guiding

Expect to considerably develop your XC skills on this trip.

No matter what, we are there to help you. One guide is always last to launch, always there to assist. We will be flying with you, if needed splitting into smaller groups so you can get the most out of the day. This will mean less experienced pilots can expect to get feedback on their thermalling skills whilst more ambitious and experienced pilots will not be hindered from covering bigger distances or more ambitious flights.

As well as full weather and task briefings each morning, we'll take time at the end of each day to give you feedback to help you improve your flying skills and XC decision making.

But remember, there's no pressure. More than a paragliding course this is a lifetime adventure were flying and having fun in a tropical wonderland is what it's all about.


Day 1 - Arrival at Cali Airport and transfer to hotel (c. 45minutes)

Day after day of XC flying

We'll spend several days in Piedechinche to warm up. From there we'll be flying the other big sites of the Cauca valley like Ansermanuevo and Roldanillo. On this trip we're going big every day! We'll finish up our final day in Piedechinche (having flown there from Roldanillo).

Day 14 - Transfer to Cali Airport (c. 45minutes)


We are staying at Hostel Joshe in Santa Elena (close to Piedechinche), a nice hotel with a cosy garden and pool just outside the village. In Roldanillo we are staying at the family hotel Cloudbase, close to the town square. Cost of accommodation is not included in the price, and you are obliged to pay individually directly at the hotels during your stay. We have booked shared double rooms, but if you are willing to pay extra and if there is space free, you can ask for single room.


Meals and drinks are not included, but our accommodations have a lot of nice restaurants just around the corner. We bring something to eat during the day on our way to take-off. During our stay in the apartments, you have possibilities to make you own breakfasts.

What to bring

-- You will need to bring the following --

  • Passport (with at least 6 months validity)
  • Paragliding insurance
  • Certified wing
  • Certified harness with fitted and recently re-packed reserve parachute
  • Paragliding helmet
  • Sturdy flying shoes/boots
  • Summer flying gloves
  • Flying clothing
  • Integrated GPS vario
  • Radio
  • Mobile telephone, bring an "open" phone (smart phone!) so you can install a local SIM.

-- Also bring --

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses – it will be hot and sunny!
  • Hat – it will be hot and sunny!
  • Summer clothing – Colombia is tropical
  • Warm clothing – you won't need much of this and nothing too fluffy, but occasionally we stay quite high in the Andes Mountains, so a fleece or light jacket could be useful.
  • Camera – Great photos are assured!
  • Waterproof jacket – Colombia is tropical, and the odd down-burst is to be expected.


You shall book your flights to and from Cali Alfonso International Airport.

If you'd like to arrive a day or two early, please let us know if you need help with accommodation.

Please wait for your booking to be accepted before booking flights.

Airport Transfers

We'll meet you at the airport at the beginning of your trip and drop you back there at the end. Transports are not included, but it's part of the total cost of our local driver we have during our stay, and you pay him for your share of the total driving and retrieve service at some point during the camp. You find the approximate cost in the price information given.


This is the perfect time to visit Colombia. Here sometimes violent past contrasts strongly with the bright and happy present. The stability that Colombia enjoys is expressed clearly in the smiley faces, the relaxed and friendly conversations. Whether travelling through the air or along roads less travelled, you'll feel very welcome here. However, things change, so check status at your Government Agency for any restrictions in travels to Colombia.

Visa for Colombia

Citizens of most European countries and the US do not normally require a visa for visits to Colombia for stays of up to 90 days. However, you need to go through the Check Mig Procedure, both before you are going to Colombia and before you are leaving. Please check the requirements well in advance.

Health and Vaccinations

Your routine vaccinations should be up to date. These usually include diphtheria, tetanus and polio. Travel clinics will also usually recommend Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Whilst we will be travelling in an area that is low risk for many diseases compared to many parts of the country, please be sure to consult your doctor several months before your trip for professional medical advice. Sun-cream and a hat are recommended!

Travel Money

The local currency is the Peso (COP). The easiest (and probably cheapest) way to get cash is by using the ATMs in all the small towns we wander through.

Paragliding Skills Preparation

Ground handle, ground handle, ground handle! The top pilots in the world spend hours every month playing with their wings…on the ground! The happier you are with your ground handling, the better you will understand your wing (e.g. pitch, roll, yaw and pressure control), the safer will be your launches, the safer will be your landings and the safer you will be in the air.

Those good at ground handling also tend to spend less time "stuffing up" their launches and so tend to spend more time in the air.

They also tend to be the more confident on launch and can therefore concentrate on the flying!! To maximise your safety and the safety of those in your proximity (!), to maximise your enjoyment – ground handle ground handle and then ground handle!!!

Paragliding Insurance

We require you to have insurance that covers repatriation. Please make sure that your insurance is valid for Colombia and of course that paragliding is covered! We recommend you research your insurance options thoroughly and read the small print carefully. Please bring insurance documents with you. You will not be allowed to fly without proof of insurance!!

Flying documents for Colombia

You must bring all you flying documents with you, including your flying licence and your paragliding insurance documents. Most sites in Colombia incur fees and you pay them directly the crew upon your arrival to the take-off.

Safety and Medical Facilities

Safety is our absolute priority. We continually assess flying conditions in our passionate endeavour to keep you as safe as possible. However, please understand that although we will do all we can to ensure your safety, you should know your own level of ability and as a qualified pilot when it comes to flying understand that it is your decision to fly, and yours alone!

Taking a break and non-flying activities

If ever it's not flyable here, there's plenty to do. We'll be there to help where we can. There's a very high chance of it being flyable every day. If you feel tired from all the flying why not take a break? Flying is always safer when well rested.

Live Tracking

As with all our cross-country trips, we'll be using live tracking for your safety. We are using Volandoo tracking service that runs as an application in your mobile phone. Volandoo send automatically information and position when you start to fly and land through Telegram. The first thing we do is to help you install and go through this software before we go flying.


Shortly before your trip we'll send you an updated set of waypoints.

Really looking forward in flying with you in paradise!

Bengt and Fredrik